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My neighbors moved out and offered me some of their furniture, and I figured...maybe this is a sign...maybe this is supposed to happen LMAO and I'm super happy that I accepted! In today's vlog I'm gonna go to Home Goods and buy some more decorations to make my place seem more like a home! 💕 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ➮ - - - - - - - - - - - - FOLLOW ME 📸 Instagram: 💬 Twitter: ⌨️Website: 🎞 IMDB: 🛍 Shop My Closet: - - - - - - - - - - - - PRODUCTS MENTIONED Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana ➮ Nordstrom: diptyque Baies ➮ Nordstrom: Collapsible Wagon ➮ Amazon: Electric Lighter ➮ Amazon: Candle Wick Trimmer ➮ Amazon: - - - - - - - - - - - - ABOUT ASIA JACKSON WHAT'S GOOD?! I'm Asia Jackson and I'm an actress and content creator based in Los Angeles, California! On this channel, you'll find weekly vlogs, acting/audition vlogs, informative skincare videos, styling/fashion tips, lookbooks, minimal beauty tutorials ('no makeup' makeup is my THING) and everything in between. You may have also seen me on Modern Family, Speechless, The Young & The Restless, Superstore, or more recently: Lifetime TV's Stalked By A Reality Star. I upload a video every Friday. Subscribe to join me on my journey! ♡ - - - - - - - - - - - - FAQ'S "What's your race/ethnicity?" ➮ I'm Black and Filipino (Igorotak!) 🇺🇸🇵🇭 "Are you Australian or American?" ➮ This question always gets me LOL but I'm American "Why do you have different accents?" ➮ I'm an actor, so I like to practice different accents in my everyday speech. Sometimes I go in and out of accents without realizing it. Don't take my pronunciations or accents too seriously! "Do you speak Tagalog?" ➮ I only speak Taglish! Sobrang sorry talaga 😜 "Where are you from?" ➮ I'm a military brat, so I don't have a hometown. But I went to high school in Long Beach, California so that is my honorary hometown haha - - - - - - - - - - - - 🎵’Last Sunday’ - OTE ft. Steven Ellis 💸 Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored. Please note affiliated links. Thank you so much for supporting my channel! ♡
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Thank you Schick Intuition f.a.b. for sponsoring this video! We care about the skin on our face, but what about the rest of our body? Our body skin is important too!
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PFW This trip was full of firsts: my first time in Europe, first time in Paris, first fashion week, first time trying caviar & escargot. And to think that this was all just a ...
автор  дата 03.11.2017
I had some pretty gnarly breakouts last month, and I was left with all this post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Here's how to fade dark spots / acne scars in 1 ...
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SOME FASHION TIPS - Here's how to build or rebuild your wardrobe with basic essentials. I believe in investing in nice, high quality pieces to create the ...
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When I don't film a routine vlog style, it's not as realistic because I curate and voiceover everything. This is more raw, realistic morning routine! #VLOGMAS ...
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Due to popular demand, here is my 2019 spring basics haul! I went to Aritzia and Zara and picked up a few items to transition from winter to spring. Enjoy!
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Here are, in my opinion, the top 8 best skincare products for skincare beginners of ALL SKIN TYPES! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ➮ ‼
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PHILIPPINES VLOG: A week spent in Baguio City, La Trinidad, Manila, and Hundred Islands National Park! If you don't know, I'm half Black and half Filipino and ...
автор  дата 12.04.2019
A WEEK OF SELF CARE VLOG: self care is more than bubble baths and sheet masks. self care is about cultivating relationships, experiences, joy, and ...
автор  дата 24.10.2018
Why I'm in the Philippines: I was invited to attend the #ItsAGirlThing Festival in Manila to talk about colorism in Filipino culture and #MagandangMorenx--the ...
автор  дата 27.11.2016
Here's how to get rid of dark spots & hyperpigmentation FAST! If you're looking for a DIY video, this is not the video for you. Find out where I don't do DIY ...
автор  дата 12.05.2019
In celebration of Mother's Day, I decided to recreate some of my mom's most iconic looks from the 80s and 90s. Fashion icon! Happy Mother's Day from me, ...
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How to Build A Fall Wardrobe With Basics! Thank you Shoptagr for sponsoring this video. DOWNLOAD SHOPTAGR: Here is an updated version ...
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I love all these boyfriend tag videos and I especially loved the 'boyfriend buys my outfit' (and vice versa) ones so I hit up my friend that is a boy and he was ...
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WARDROBE BASICS: 8 Shoes Every Girl MUST HAVE! This is an updated version of a video that I created about 2 years ago called '10 Shoes Every Girl Must ...
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In today's episode of THAT AIN'T IT: SkinWhite, a Filipino skin whitening brand, recently came out with a series of ad campaigns that celebrate...diversity of skin ...
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Get your tickets to #TheSunIsAlsoAStar - in theaters on May 17! Thank you Warner Bros. for sponsoring this video ...
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SPRING FASHION BASICS // Thank you Shoptagr for sponsoring this video! Download Shoptagr here: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ...
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I moved! But if you follow me on socials, you already knew that haha. In January, I made a new vision board and a sunbathed apartment was on there. Fulfilled ...
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