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UPDATE & A THANK YOU! I've now passed 7000 subscribers and this is a real achievement for me :D I understand lots my subscribers would like to see more science videos and rest assured there are several more on the way which I hope to upload by the end of this year. Animated videos take a fair amount of work so that's why I need time in between videos so bear with me. I'm working hard this end and I appreciate your support :D _______________________ PRIMER Primer is a mind bending science fiction film with one of the most challenging plot lines to follow. I've created this video for people who enjoy the film as much as I do. If you haven't seen the film I highly recommend it and it is available on Netflix. _______________________ SUMMARY Two friends, Abe and Aaron, have inadvertently invented time travel. Initially the plan is to use it to make money but the power of time travel gets the better of them as the pair double cross each other and create multiple doubles and time lines. _______________________ ALTERNATIVE EXPLANATIONS (this section has been added after some interesting comments made by subscribers and viewers of this video). 1). The Phone Call - the video states that the phone call is made by Aaron 2 to Aaron 0 but there is an alternative; Aaron 2 could be calling Abe 0 instead. Why I opted for Aaron 2 calling Aaron 0: (a). Aaron is a selfish character and I think it's more likely that he will feel he owes Aaron 0 (another version of himself) an explanation rather than Abe 0. (b). Abe 5's reaction to gassing himself is profound and Aaron 2 may have felt a similar sense of guilt after drugging Aaron 0 which caused him to contact Aaron 0 at a later date. 2). The Final Aaron (who is instructing the build of a larger box) - the video states this Aaron is Aaron 2 but the alternative is that it could be Aaron 6. Why I opted to say it's Aaron 2 building the larger box rather than Aaron 6: (a) the phone call from Aaron 2 plays over the scene (b) Aaron 2 had less exposure to the aftermath of everything that went wrong owing to all the mismanaged time traveling so I felt that he was likely to be more reckless in a shorter time frame than Aaron 6 and (c) Aaron 6 mentions at the airport that he might go to Vegas or even Russia and doesn't seem to have a proper plan as to what he will do next, however I do think it's likely that Aaron 6 will eventually build another box because as a character he's rash. 3). Handwriting deteriorating & ear bleeds One subscriber points out that both of these could be symptoms of the bodies deteriorating each time a copy is created. 4). The Party Incident In the video it is presumed that Aaron managed to disarm Rachel's crazy ex on the first night of the party but an alternative is that he didn't and that may be the reason why Aaron 1 decided to go back to Monday morning using the failsafe. CORRECTION: The video states that the film's director is Steve Carruth when in fact it is SHANE Carruth - my mistake, apologies :) _______________________ BACKGROUND MUSIC USED: Running - Misevicius _______________________ DONNIE DARKO - ILLUSTRATED EXPLANATION:
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Assalamualaikum.. Mari kita mulai seri "BEST PRODUCTS OF 2018" yeaaay!!! Selanjutnya aku pengen meracuni primer makeup terbaik yang aku pake selama ...
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I'm sure lots of people have tried this before but I wanted to give it a go myself and see what the results were! ♡WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME: BUY MY ...
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Watch more How to Apply Makeup videos: I'm going to talk about some of the ...
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Best and worst drugstore face primers with up close application results and NINE wear tests! In this drugstore face primers wear test I'm showing you nine ...
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ATTENTION: If you have enlarged pores DO NOT use pore minimising primers on your face! The TRUTH about how they effect your skin and why I refuse to use ...
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Hey everyone! Today I will be showing you my favourite drugstore / affordable primers. I use these all the time, and I would highly recommend these to anyone ...
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Please subscribe to my channel RARA n Instagram page raraproducts n Facebook page rarareviews n like comments n share my vedios with ur friends.
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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today we are doing another episode of MAKEUP BATTLES! I'm testing out the new ELF Poreless Putty ...
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A trailer that might hook a few people into seeing this great movie without giving away the plot. Both songs are from the Upstream Color soundtrack, which was ...
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ASLAMOALIKUM em here with another my topic is primer n its benefits... i hope this video may helpfull for uo girls... What is Primer// How to Use ...
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"Primer" is a great mind-bender of a film with some clever style and story touches, but some viewers, including me, get tripped up by its complicated (re: batshit) ...
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Hey Girls, Welcome back to my Channel.. Today's is a very special video as everything you need to know before makeup. All the questions on primer are ...
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Makeup with Primer & BB Cream on Face & Review to Get Oil Free Skin Urdu Hindi. In this video, I did a review of 4 primers and told its benefits and uses.
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Watch this DIY tutorial and learn how to make face primer at home with just three easily available and inexpensive ingredients.
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Oily skin ka rin ba? THUMBS UP kung OO! PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Pond's Flawless Radiance Derma+ Mattifying Day Cream 474php Hourglass Veil Mineral ...
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To buy this product from stay beautiful store or to have any detail (price)about the product contact or txt on 8054422750 (whatsapp) Thank you Stay beautiful ...
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I share with you my thoughts on the best-selling and most-raved about face primers by beauty editors and bloggers. See if they live up to the hype! Let me know ...
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hai haiiii... siapa yg bingung mau beli primer yang mana yg bikin makeup awet?? disini aku battle'in 4 primer yg memang paling banyak kalian tanyain yaitu : 1.
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