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In today’s video, you’ll get to see a portion of my jewelry collection! As a rings/necklace/earrings enthusiast, my collection is ever-growing. But here’s just a taste of it ;) As always, everything will be linked down below! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ➥ - - - - - - - - - - - - FOLLOW ME 📸 Instagram: 💬 Twitter: ⌨️Website: 🎞 IMDB: 🛍 Shop My Closet: - - - - - - - - - - - - MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO Express Set of Three Hoop Earrings (similar): Lili Claspe Rays Dagger Set: *Melody Ehsani Zodiac Rings: Express Love Charms Necklace Stack: Lili Claspe Mathilde Fringe Earrings: Lili Claspe Helena Fringe Earrings: Madewell Acrylic Geometric Hoops: *I thought these were gold plated but they’re just brass lol NEW VLOG: Jewelry shopping & haul! ➥ - - - - - - - - - - - - My name is Asia Jackson and I'm an actress & content creator based in Los Angeles. I create videos that are dedicated to encouraging others to be the best versions of themselves through fashion, beauty, self-care, and vlogs. On this channel you will learn about the science of skincare, practical fashion styling tips, leveling up your lifestyle, and my journey towards optimizing mental & physical health. You may have also seen on my TV in shows like Modern Family, Speechless, The Young & The Restless, Superstore, Alone Together, and more recently: Lifetime's TV movie 'Stalked By A Reality Star'. Be sure to subscribe! I upload a new video every Friday :) - - - - - - - - - - - - FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) "What's your race/ethnicity?" ➥ I'm Black and Filipino (Igorotak!) 🇺🇸🇵🇭 "Are you Australian or American?" ➥ This question always gets me LOL but I'm American "Why do you have different accents?" ➥ I’m an actor so often I like to play around with and practice different accents and pronunciations randomly in my everyday speech. Don’t take my pronunciations or accents too seriously! "Do you speak Tagalog?" ➥ Taglish lang…sobrang sorry talaga hehe "Where are you from?" ➥ I’m a military brat so I don’t have a real hometown. But I went to high school in Long Beach, CA so that is my honorary hometown lol - - - - - - - - - - - - 💸 Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored. Please note affiliated links. Thank you so much for supporting my channel! ♡
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THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤️ #EverydayMay Day NINETEEN! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WATCH MY ...
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How to Build A Fall Wardrobe With Basics! Thank you Shoptagr for sponsoring this video. DOWNLOAD SHOPTAGR: Here is an updated version ...
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My whole jewellery collection and what I love about each piece! Whats your favourite? //HOOPS & EARRINGS & Other Stories hoops: Daisy ...
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Welcome to Black Opal Direct! Story time! Let's ask Justin about his prized and precious personal collection of opal gemstones. View the full blog post here: ...
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My neighbors moved out and offered me some of their furniture, and I figured...maybe this is a sign...maybe this is supposed to happen LMAO and I'm super ...
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Thank you Schick Intuition f.a.b. for sponsoring this video! We care about the skin on our face, but what about the rest of our body? Our body skin is important too!
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What's in my skincare cabinet & skin supplements tour! I've seen these videos floating around YT lately so I decided I'd share my own cabinet and supplements ...
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My best and worst luxury purchases over the past few years, AKA 11 minutes talking about my favorite purchases and 8 minutes dragging myself :-) SUBSCRIBE ...
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Hi guys! In this video, I'm taking you through my personal jewelry collection. I love small and dainty jewelry so Ill be taking you through my favorite pieces and ...
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Get Your Pearl Vouge Box Here: Follow them on Instagram: @seacollections My Pandora Bracelet In Depth: ...
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M O R E I N F O B E L O W ___ + P R O D U C T S TOP (sold out) SIMILAR SIMILAR Lilysilk discount ...
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Guess a new name for my white Jackson Warrior and win some little thingy's! Winner will be announced on next video. :) ⚡ ~ I'm an 20 year old guitarist, ...
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Yossi invited me to see a Ferrari F40 he had for sale at The Dina Collection in Beverly Hills! ------------ GET YOUR DRIVEN MERCH: ...
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If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I love my watches and jewelry, so I went to visit Peter Marco in Beverly Hills to buy a new bracelet.
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SHOPPING TIPS: A comprehensive guide for how to define or find your personal style WITHOUT buying anything or spending money! Which ...
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Finally talking through my everyday jewelry collection ○ LINKS ○ WEEKLY NYC VLOG: → @Tarmarz on Instagram: ...
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What's in my bag! After months of only having small purses, I finally decided to get a bigger one so that I can fit all of my everyday necessities in it lol P.S. I sold ...
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Sign up for Squarespace & get 10% off using code: ASIAJACKSON ‣ ------------ F O L L O W INSTAGRAM ...
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GET YOUR DRIVEN MERCH: You've seen the watches, so here's some of my jewelry! MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO: ...
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